National Teen Pregnancy Prevention Month Sucks

Somehow I didn’t realize it was National Teen Pregnancy Prevention Month. Let’s all keep in mind that nobody cared much about teenage pregnancy until girls stopped getting married when they got pregnant (my grandma had her first kid at 18 and that was normal), so this month is actually National UNWED Teen Pregnancy Prevention Month. And also it’s all silly because teen pregnancy is not going to go away. It’s a fact of life and no better or worse than mid twenties pregnancy or thirty something pregnancy or in your forties pregnancy, but we like to have enemies and who better to blame for all of our problems than teenage girls and their children.

Of course if you’re over say 44 and get pregnant then suddenly you suck as much as a teen parent. What the hell are you thinking getting pregnant when you’re so old? You should know better. You’re kid will be just as messed up as the kid of a teen mom! Society likes women to follow the rules.

Want to reduce UNWANTED pregnancy? Start with handing out free birth control to all, provide free healthcare to all, and make abortion safe, legal, and easy to access. From there work on living wages (hint: $15 isn’t actually a living wage), drug and alcohol services, shutting down the school to prison pipeline…and on and on. Just wait until the stats on queer kids being two to seven times more likely to get pregnant reach the ears of politicians. Soon it will be the National Campaign To Prevent Queer Identity in Teenagers So We Can Reduce Teen Pregnancy. Just hand out birth control, okay? Oh and make the IUD easily available because it’s the one that doesn’t cause nine million side effects or put other undo pressures on girls and women.


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