Christian School Bans Pregnant Teen from Graduation Ceremony

This pro life (anti choice) school teaches that abortion is a sin, but when a straight A teenager and president of the student council finds herself pregnant and chooses to continue the pregnancy she is punished. Maddi Runkles was stripped of her leadership roles and told she could not attend her graduation ceremony.

So don’t have an abortion, but if you continue a pregnancy we will punish and shame you?

“This is for Maddi. This is for her,” said Heritage Academy principal Dave Hobbs.

Hobbs sent a letter to parents saying the school is “pleased that she has chosen not to abort her son” but that “she was immoral” by not abstaining.

He explains the school’s teachings are grounded in religion.

“She has fallen short of what’s described in the mission statement; does that make sense?” Hobbs asked Crawford.

Discipline, he says, is handled on a case-by-case basis, with Maddi’s case being a compromise. Some people wanted her expelled.

Read the full story here: Pregnant Teenager Banned from Graduation Ceremony

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