Call for Submissions

Call for Submissions: Your teen mom stories. After doing buckets of research and finding absolutely no resource list in my area that is specific to pregnant and parenting teens and discovering that the only organizations that actively help teen parents in my area are a youth shelter with a questionable reputation, a housing program, and a Jesus camp (no joke), I’ve decided it’s time to make something happen.  I’ve also discovered that there is very little online that is specific to the lifelong experience of being a teenage parent.

I want your stories.

Current and grown up teen mom/parent contributors only. Please no articles that promote only one idea of success (ie: graduating from college or capitalistic ideas of “success”) or one way of parenting (ie: strict attachment parenting as the only way, etc.). You can of course write about these things, but keep it personal rather than preachy. Tell YOUR story, rather than directing someone else’s. We all have our own ways and our own paths and our own desires in how we want our lives to unfold. We also all have our own challenges, life situations, and external limitations to overcome.

I’m particularly interested in journal type entries, raw personal stories, and other stories that make teen parents feel that they are not alone. Make it relatable, not instructive. Memoir rather than check lists or how to or opinions on how to parent, etc. I should also add that I’m not a fan of the medical model of mental illness, so won’t be inclined to run articles that promote this idea. However, I’m totally down for articles that explore mental health in open ended, trauma-informed ways.

Stories from queer teen moms would be fantastic! Queer teen parents need to see themselves represented and to know they aren’t alone.

After this is all put together I want to launch some sort of casual mentorship program in my area, and maybe in yours area as well. Or maybe together we can create some sort of nationwide online mentorship. Back in the day I had my own little program and I really want to relaunch it. This is a PRO CHOICE project. Parenting, adoption, and abortion are all valid choices. Please put “Teen Mom” or “Teen Parent” in the subject line, so I don’t accidentally delete.

Once a teen mom always a teen mom. I don’t care if you’re 16 or 60, if you had a baby before you were 21 please consider sharing your story.

And please remember that this is a PRO CHOICE project. I will not publish anything that is anti-choice.

Unfortunately for now this is a labor of love and I can’t afford to pay my writers, however I am actively working on changing that.

This is the zine I once made with my daughter. Let’s make something happen again.

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