The Real Cause of Teen Postpartum Depression: A Comic

I’m working on a longer piece on teen parenting and today I was once again reading up on all the ways that teenage pregnancy dooms a parent and child. Basically all roads lead to one well-manicured conclusion: Having a baby before the age of twenty-one somehow  automatically causes the mom/parent to drop-out of school, become depressed, stressed out, and poor. Being born to a mom/parent under the age of twenty-one pretty much automatically ensures that the child will drop out, be poor, probably end up in prison, have a mental illness, and generally have a pretty sucky life. These terrible things are essentially all the fault of the mom/parent having a kid before the magic age of twenty-one UNLESS of course the mom/parent is married, in which case all of those bad things mostly don’t happen, but that’s another essay ( Unwed Teen Pregnancy).

Anyway, I like to draw comics and today I thought I would draw a little comic to illustrate what I think may be the cause of teen moms/parents having higher rates of postpartum depression, dropping out, and generally feeling like they may not be as worthy as older moms. I could be wrong…but I’m not.

teenmom comic

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