Awesome New Teen Mama Column at Mutha Magazine

I’ll be part of this amazing new teen mama column at Mutha Magazine. Stayed tuned next month to read and excerpt from my new queer teen mama YA novel Girls Like Me. Please check out the very first essay by Jen Bryant. I love this so hard.


“Shame can’t survive in the face of honesty and compassion. By telling our own stories, we add a counterbalance to the ones told about us. This essay is the start of an ongoing collaborative column, which I’m calling “Teen MUTHAs Rise UP!,” a place where nuanced, honest representations of our diverse lives replace the tired stereotypes found elsewhere in the conversation on teenage pregnancy and parenting. My hope is that this column will give current and former teen parents a seat at the table and provide a place for our voices to be heard. If we all speak loudly enough, maybe we can drown out the whispers that follow us – ignorant, trashy, unfit – and replace them with something else: Strong. Determined. Badass.”

Chasing Respectability

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