We Do Not Stink

Somehow I missed this in 2015. Teen parents do not stink. Their lives and their children are not ugly messes.

dirty diaper shaming.png

The text reads: “This doesn’t really stink. But the consequences of teen pregnancy sure do. And this is just part of the ugly mess you’d be getting yourself into. Get the facts at babycanwait.com

I didn’t stink as an 18-year-old mom and I do not stink now. My life is messy (the way I like it), but it is NOT an ugly mess.

My son is not an ugly mess. He was a beautiful boy and now he is a beautiful father.


My daughter’s life is not an ugly mess. She had my grandchild at 16.


Felix is not an ugly mess and he only stinks after derby practice.


Does this look like an ugly mess to you? My family is beautiful.


Shaming teenage parents and their children is shameful.

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