GIRLS LIKE ME has made the In the Margins Award 2018 Recommended Books list

I’m happy to announce that my book, Girls Like Me, has made the In the Margins 2018 Recommended Book list!

In the Margins mission statement: To seek out and highlight fiction and non-fiction titles (PreK through adult level) of high-interest appeal to boys or girls, ages 9-21 who may fit into one or all of the following categories:
– multicultural (primarily African American, Latino, Indigenous and LGBTQ)
– from a street culture
– in restrictive custody
– reluctant readers

Check it out here: In the Margins Awards

You can look for Girls Like Me in your local independent bookstore or buy it here: Buy Girls Like Me (sadly amazon it the easiest place to find it)

Or email me to buy it directly:

Girls Like Me :Ages 14 and Up. With her genderqueer sweetheart dead, Banjo is left pregnant, and institutionalized – it seems like things can’t get much worse for her.  Now she struggles to face her demons, the future, and a staff that keeps giving her the wrong diagnosis, the wrong treatment, and the wrong perspective.  At least she has her friends – but will friends be enough?



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