New bill would give pregnant teens access to medical care without parental consent

When it comes to pregnant teenagers we still very much live in the dark ages. In many states pregnant teenagers may not consent to medical care while in labor. They must have parental consent, and this includes being able to receive pain meds. If there is no parent then the teen doesn’t get pain meds, or if the parent wants to punish the teen they can, and too often do, withhold consent. An anti-choice group is actually fighting this bill. They insist that pregnant women go through with their pregnancies, but want to strip teenagers of all rights when it comes to labor and birth. They literally want full control over women’s bodies.

“But Rhode Island Right to Life, a pro-life organization, worries the language in the bill is too broad and minors may end up consenting to unnecessary, dangerous or overly expensive care. The group proposes instead that minors can consent only in the absence of a parent or guardian, and doctors would have to notify the Department of Children, Youth and Families (DCYF) if parents or guardians showed signs of abuse or neglect.”


Read about it here

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